Start from where you are

March 27, 2022 0 By admin

Lots of things can make us stressed. This is at least the case for me. Sometimes I just get worried about the undone tasks, late activities, etc. We also tend to have no hope for success, in the end, we don’t want to set off doing what we have to do. In this case, we don’t even start. Having no hope is the killer of most dreams, is the killer of success.

Sometimes we procrastinate so long that we are afraid to start. We think it’s too late and again we have no hope for success. We must start from where we are. We mustn’t worry about the end result. All we need to do is to never give up, to maintain consistency. The end result is a holy matter. We will fail or succeed, either way, we will gain. From the first one, we will get an experience, a lesson, from the second one an excitement. Both of them have something to give or take from us, we can’t know. It’s the knowledge of Allah, the all-knowing.

Furthermore, we mustn’t have an emotional attachment to the end result, and we mustn’t regret the time spent doing the activity to achieve the goal we have been learning. The next time we will succeed, if not, we’ll learn more. This will continue until we achieve our goal. I think stress is both an evil and an angel. It has two sides. Stress is an activator that drags us to move and so something about the thing that worries us. If there’s too much stress, then it damages our health and locks our inspiration, in other words, it numbs our hands and brain. So we must manage our stress and use it wisely. Lack of stress is detrimental, we won’t try to do the thing we have to do. So we mustn’t avoid it completely, but listen to it and act. In the presence of excessive stress, it’s recommended to be in nature, do exercise, eat healthily, avoid alcohol and toxic people, sleep more, drink herbal tea and mineral water. And pause for a few days, until the cortisol level is decreased. Then start again. And remember, we never fail, we only gain. Just do it.