Positive atmosphere in the classroom

July 23, 2019 0 By admin

One of the crucial aspects in learning a foreign language is the positive atmosphere. A person learns better when his learning is connected to positive feelings. From my own experience and observing the teachers who are successful in their teaching I can see that if a teacher is positive and creates a good rapport with her or his students get better results in student success and satisfaction.  Sometimes a teacher may not prepare a good lesson but students can still learn something if the positive atmosphere is created.

If so, how to create a good and positive atmosphere?

Be truly interested in the student’s feelings of that day

We are all humans, so do the students.  Observe your students comments. Engagement in the lesson, and self-behavior. When you enter the classroom ask your students how they feel that day. You can do it both by just orally or asking them to write it down. When you enter the classroom, if your time lets you do that, ask each of the student the question “How are you today?”. And ask them to be as open as possible. Alternatively, you may ask your students to write a status statement about their day and this statement mustn’t exceed more than two sentences. Then collect the papers or ask them read it orally. You will be amazed about how they will feel positive knowing you are interested in their feelings. You can go further and suggest if there is anything you can do if they are not feeling well enough.

Start the lesson with a smile

A smile is contagious, they say. It is true! Smile makes students feel relaxed, released and feel less tensed.  It is good for your own mental health and will make you feel better and relaxed too. So, always start your lessons with a smile. (Penny Ur, 100 Teaching Tips)

Don’t judge your students, help them

There are some compulsory assignments that students need to hand in. If students don’t do it on time, make sure to ask them why they couldn’t do it. Some days students may have health or some family issues. Don’t hurry to judge them straight away.

Make jokes

I don’t like when teachers are strict the whole lesson. Students (and you as well) need to make jokes (or even laugh!) while teaching. Of course, this shouldn’t exceed and you shouldn’t give sarcastic laughs to your students. Just make jokes sometimes, tell short personal stories that are funny (make sure they are connected to the lesson or particular situation), or students make silly mistakes. I love laughing with my students. Laugh actually relaxes brain and it eventually enhances student learning.

Make sure the students know you truly want them to succeed

When students attend school or university subjects they may feel teachers come to the lesson just because he or she has to teach them as it is their job. Change this notion, ask them questions, and get interested in their problems.