Day: July 13, 2019

End of academic year: Self reflection

Reflecting back on the past academic year I can say I changed a lot in my lessons. The main change was using authentic Youtube videos and teaching without a coursebook. The reason behind using the authentic Youtube videos was that I wanted to let my students have a taste and habit of watching videos in…

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Factors playing a crucial role in motivating students

Motivation plays a significant role in learning a language. Below I have listed some of the factors that I think motivates the learners. Environment: If the room is too dark, too hot, or the furniture is broken it will demotivate the students. In general, students prefer neat, bright and equipped rooms, with attractive posters. External/internal…

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Modern trends in English language teaching in Azerbaijan: Where we come from and where we are now.

English language has become the highly demanded language in the modern world. It’s the language of international communication, business, politics, and the last not the least, education. Before the collapse of Soviet Union, the Russian language used to have its heyday period. The knowledge of Russian language was required and the Russian speakers were privileged.…

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